My Story: From D’s to Deeds

Welcome to my website!

I am thrilled to have this opportunity to share my journey with you. From humble beginnings as a D student to becoming a successful real estate professional, my story is one of determination, resilience, and constant growth.

Early on, academics weren't my strong suit. However, I firmly believe that our grades don't define our potential. With unwavering dedication and a never-give-up attitude, I pursued my dreams and carved out a path that led me to remarkable achievements.

I proudly served our country as an Army Criminal Investigator and a Combat Veteran. During my time in the military, I was honored with the Bronze Star for my exceptional contributions. This experience instilled in me a sense of discipline, leadership, and a strong work ethic that I carry with me to this day.

Sharing my knowledge and experiences has become a passion of mine. As a featured speaker, I have had the honor of addressing audiences on various real estate platforms, including podcasts and YouTube channels. These opportunities have allowed me to connect with like-minded professionals and provide valuable insights to aspiring agents.

In addition to coaching and speaking engagements, I recently authored a book titled "The Grit and Grind: Surviving and Winning Big in Real Estate." In this book, I delve into my personal journey, sharing practical advice and empowering stories to inspire others in their pursuit of success.

As I continue on my journey, my focus remains on helping others thrive in the real estate industry. Through my coaching programs, I strive to equip agents and teams with the tools they need to achieve their goals and surpass their own expectations.

Thank you for visiting my website. I hope you find inspiration and valuable resources here that propel you forward on your own path to success. Together, let's reach new heights and make a lasting impact in the world of real estate.